Dr. Li Huang is from Beijing, China. He studied Western Medicine and acupuncture in China and he was a surgeon in TongRen Hospital of Beijing before coming to U.S. in 1981. Dr. Li Huang graduated from Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, SC in 1988. He is a national board certified acupuncturist and chiropractor. Dr. Li Huang has been practicing in Columbia, SC since 1989. Dr. Li Huang specializes in low force chiropractic technique and traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine. He has had great results with chronic pain, spinal disc syndrome, sciatic neuritis, arthritis, residual pain after surgery, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, migraine headache, asthma, sinus problem, addictions, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, sports injury, auto accident, etc. Dr. Li Huang speaks English and Chinese. He is addicted to tennis.